Marks & Traces. Pt. 2

I have gotten over my fear of Photoshop!  I was becoming more and more frustrated and flummoxed with the complexity of it.  I would thought that it’ll just be a slightly more advanced version of ‘Deluxe Paint 2’ that I had on the Amiga 500?  Boy was I wrong.  To me, using Photoshop for the first few attempts is the equivalent of trying to pilot the ‘Millennium Falcon’ blindfolded!

I found the whole concept of layers and background baffling.  Quite frankly, the only ‘Magic Lasso’ I was familiar with is Wonder Woman’s Lasso Of Truth.wonder-woman-lasso-of-truth

Magic LassoBut…

I am working my way towards getting on the course of Computer Games Art, so I knew I had to start to become more comfortable with it.

For the ‘Marks & Traces’ project we had to use my digital nemesis to merge my photos (which I took over the Xmas break) with a drawn version.

Firstly I scanned in my experimental hand drawn copies, of which I thought we needed to work from?  This wasn’t the case as I hadn’t realised that we were to take the standard original photos into the workshop lesson, not the modified ones.  This held me back due to my mistake, and therefore had to do them again in my own time.  This was fine, as I managed to achieve the objective in the end.

Here are my finished ‘Marks & Traces’ pictures done in Photoshop:

Traces in Photoshop

Traces in Photoshop

bucket bin chickenbone4 drained umbrella2 urban door


Photomontage: Unit 2 Week 1

My pathway: Moving Image and Photography Pathway

New set of projects this term for my new pathway at Farnham UCA. I’m looking forward to developing my photography skills as I sometimes feel I don’t quite have the ‘photographers eye.’ I am intrigued to do some more photography projects so I can pursue my art through the lens.

As part of a group project we were given a random subject for which we had to produce a photomontage for. My groups scenario was ‘Spaceship’ – for those who know me they could guess I was looking forward to this.  We took shots around the campus both inside and out of the building aiming for that Sci-Fi/futuristic feel.  Images of buttons, switches, monitor screens and vast lighting filled my head for this photographic collage. We were limited to one camera to use in our group of five, I helped source and choose interesting images and angles for the project, but didn’t take any myself. Next time in a group project I would like to have the opportunity to swap roles, allowing others to find the shots and for me to take them!

We explored the stage area, the library and the canteen. When searching for images that could be used on the interior of a spaceship the Stage area close to the refectory gave the best output as it had sound and lighting control panels, lighting props and an artificial rocky wall texture ( chosen for the surface of the moon). The dark interior was perfect for the lower section of our spaceship for creating a different level.

There were some  photos which I would have liked to add to this project if we had been given more time/ opportunity: Taking a variety of shapes to create the wings of the shuttle, using pipes to create gun turrets and some logos/ signage for a ship number ( e.g. BFS9000). I think the addition of these things would have added a further development of character to our subject.

We were given our images on the next session, we had exceeded our 50 picture limit so the first task was to cull! We had to select the best pictures amongst the group and then arranged them onto sheets of A3 paper.


Our final outcome was celebrated amongst the class as a success, firstly because they could guess our theme without prompting and also the clarity of the images.



We have lift-off.


Final piece with feedback

Overall I was very pleased with the way this project turned out. We worked well as team, took a huge variety of photos, but culled them without argument and also our final piece represented the original word!