Urban Bee Hive- For modern city Living Gardens

Built in response to the 3D design project titled ‘Crisis’, for my foundation Art course. I had to research crisis and how to possibly prevent one. Tougher than it sounds. After a few mis-steps I came up with the idea of creating a small hive to encourage city dwellers to help the bee population thrive.
I made it in 5 hours from materials scavenged from the workshop. MDF, balser, perspex and chicken wire were deliberately chosen so I could then personalise the outside design.

With more time I would have made propped legs for it to have stood on ( rather than bricks) and added an alternative roof changeable wooden roof , for sunny days.

I’m pleased with the outcome and idea, I would like to experiment in the future with different colours of perspex for variation.

The Bee hive in the Workshop
Beehive in the workshop

My Bee hive with Friends

The final design

The final design

My slipknot mobile

The second stage of making my mobile involved attaching a pair of drumstick from my Rockband game! I then dangled it from a chain…


Summer Project- SlipKnot Mask

Slipknot are a major influence in my life! I’ve seen them live many times and I still hear them today. Their imagery of costumes and mask designs really add to the power of the music. I wanted to dedicate a tribute to them- LH side is me, RHS is a copy of the Joey Mask for my Summer Project