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Hercu-Liz Project: The Lernaean Hydra

Hydra art

Hydra art

IMG_4757Another one of my all time favourite mythical creatures is the hydra, an almost immortal huge snake with many heads.  Some portray hydras with two or three heads, where as the Lernaean Hydra that Hercules fought had seven.  Most of the paintings done in the sixteeth-century of hydras were given an almost dragon style look, where I wish to keep it looking more snake-like.  From my designs I wanted from the start to stick with the heads as very distinctive serpents, no ear-fins or beak like mouths as past versions looked.  Even though I experimented with different head designs, I still preferred the straight forward common snake look.

Some hydras also had lion-like bodies, but I really don’t like that method, so I’m am giving my hydra a complete snake form, like my Medusa.  To me this feels more serious, more threatening and more dominating as opposed to a mammal section which to me looks quite silly (apart from ‘King Hissss’ from He-Man, as that worked well).

I spent a great deal of time deciding on how many heads my version the hydra should have?  I originally wanted seven as that is the number of the Lernaean species had, and I was going to add a theory behind this as each one being one of the seven deadly sins.

Eventually, I have gone with five heads as it became too complex and complicated to draw, even still image designs-let alone animating it!

Hercules was accompanied by a friend, Iolaus when they both killed the beast together, however I am not intending to have an extra character help Hercu-Liz with this situation.  Reason being is that it would add more time, and might confuse the viewer as all the scenes are going to be short and quick like trailer clips often are.

I might have close-up shots of Hercu-Liz despatching each head inbetween scenes?


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