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Hercu-Liz Project: Stymphalian Bird

As I mentioned before on the part one of the Medusa project post, I am not fond of drawing feathered wings of birds as I just find them tedious to do.

The Stymphalian Birds were flesh-eating birds of prey with sharp bronze beaks, talons and feathers.  How I am going to try and animate this scene?   I plan to avoid any wing flapping motions as it would drive me mad in the process of this hand drawn scene, so I want to have the shot to be cut straight to the scene of Hercu-Liz having one of the birds in her grasp.  This would be to save any ‘swooping in’ motions as I find it may prolong the short scene too much?


Hercules used a bow and arrows to despatch the birds, but I want my heroine to handle the matter without having to use long range weapons as I want the main character (Liz) to be in every scene.  I could still have a back view of her firing the arrows into the air, or a small image of one of the birds in the distance as she does this?

I’ll have to go back to the storyboards for this, but either way I was very influenced by political artist Gerald Scarfe in the designing of these bird creatures.  Looking through some of his great books like ‘Drawing Blood’ and ‘Monsters’ really inspired me to try and imitate his style in the designs.  Also researching into what breed of bird I can use to work from shall be a test in itself.


Stymphalian Bird

Stymphalian Bird


One response to “Hercu-Liz Project: Stymphalian Bird

  1. Does that make it a Scarfalian Stymphalian? Nicely imitated…

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