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Hercu-Liz Project: Medusa pt. II

My Medusa design

My Medusa design

Back to Medusa.

After lots of quick sketches and then more detailed versions in my sketchbook, I eventually came up with a final design for my Medusa.  This is the version I liked most, mainly because I overcame the laborious task of animating her serpentine hair, by replacing how ever many snakes she has, into one slightly larger and more aggressive one.

Not only was I satisfied with that look, but also replacing her bow and arrows (which Ray Harryhausen equipped his Medusa with), but rather a giant python to aid her.  It was a tight choice between this or a menacing trident of which I thought would be a great weapon for her.  I think the python pet would suit her more, the trident-although a mean looking weapon, have been used before with characters such as Neptune/Poseidon or even the Devil.  Having the snake as a weapon would be more of a challenge for Hercu-Liz also be a ‘two against one’ scenario.


I really like the idea of this battle in an animation form.  I shall try my best to do this with what skills I have, but I know it won’t be an easy task.


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