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Hercu-Liz Project: HERCU-LIZ



Very first designs of Hercu-Liz

Very first designs of Hercu-Liz


IMG_4762 IMG_4764 IMG_4768 IMG_4769



The whole concept to how this project was born, constructed and based around my character who is the female version of half-god hero Hercules.

She has no fear.  No mortal weakness.  No remorse for slaying deadly beasts and isn’t bothered when having to clean out the largest, malodorous stables known to man.

I wanted to create a brave, strong and loyal female character to be in the league of influential characters such as Wonder Woman,  Xena (Warrior Princess) and Red Sonja.

Hercu-Liz is calm natured and always there to help, but she is not to be pushed around or taken advantage of.  Step out of line with her and she shall dish out the pain.  When designing Hercu-Liz, I went into deep details of the star-sign that she was born under.  Making her a ‘Libra’ as this is a sign of balance, which shows her heroic personality of right & wrong by slaying creatures to save others.  I also wanted this to relate to Greek symbols, as the horoscope sign for ‘Libra’ is very similar to that of the Geek letter ‘Omega’ (meaning ‘great’ or ‘great O’) which I found very fitting for the character.

I am hoping to include this as a symbol for her, maybe adorned on her breast plate, or shield (if I design one?).  I would like her to wear different outfits during the scenes, even if it is just two or three different designs it could add a bit of versatility to her?

Should Hercu-Liz use or have weapons?   Hercules used a club, sword and bow & arrows in some of his labours, but he seemed to have strangled and throttled his enemies to death most of the time.  Should Hercu-Liz use the same violent approach?





2 responses to “Hercu-Liz Project: HERCU-LIZ

  1. I think that this is an excellent project which allows you to use free-range of your imaginative and artistic talents. I liked the ideas of Zeusanna as the chief protagonist and Medusa having bat’s wings. I look forward to seeing the animated version.
    I also like the way this site allows the viewer to zoom in and appreciate in almost microscopic vision your attention to detail e.g. the folds in the costume, the facial expressions, the writhing actions of the snakes. I prefer the idea of bare handed fights or the use of a club as these weapons allow you to draw the combatants at close quarters rather than at arrow range. I also think that archery is a bit old-hat now after Hunger Games and The L the W and the Wardrobe. If I have any reservations at all it would be the use of the hyphen in the name and I personally prefer Herculiz – or are you trying to emphasize the difference between the male and female versions so the viewer does not think that you have made a typo?
    Exquisite work!

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