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Hercu-Liz Project: Minotaur

Greek mythology and the creatures involved in the mythical tales have been a big influence on me since watching Ray Harryhausen films and Dungeons & Dragons cartoons as a child.  This mixed with my passion for strong female characters has merged together in this project for the final part of my Foundation course at the Farnham UCA.

Digging deeper into researching more about the ancient Greek myths than I had known, inspired me to add more characters to this Hercu-Liz project.

Hercules (Roman)/Heracles (Greek), did not actually fight with the Minotaur, Theseus was the man that was sent into the labyrinth to do the brutal task of slaying the hulking beast.  As Hercu-Liz is my own equivalent of the great hero, I can change and choose who and what I would like her to fight against on her journeys.  Although I would like to stay true to the myth of the actual labours that Hercules had to do, there are some fantastic creatures that I find most inspiring that he did not face.  The Minotaur being one of them.



Minotaur Designs

Minotaur Designs










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