Project: Interview


This project was so far, the most difficult to date.  It’s design was based on an interview, but not allowing the use of any relation, friend or really anyone you may know to be the Interviewee.

After three pages worth of ‘brain-storming’ in my sketchbook, I narrowed it down to either a local Butcher, a Tattooist, a Busker or a member of Bar staff at a local pub.  Thanks to good advice and a bit of ‘Lady Luck’ (not the pub’s name), me and group friend Mr Mestre we went to the pub (always good research) in hopes to find our project structure.

That evening, he agreed to take part in the interview project.  Got his number (first time I have asked for a mans number I don’t know in an unfamiliar pub), and all was going well.  The following day he met up with us and using the equipment supplied by the UCA we shot the interview.

The Interview was based on computer/video games, as our interviewee was a Graduate from the UCA and studied Computer Games Art.  On top of the footage we took, we then had to animate scenes to blend into the interview.  Each person in our group of four having their own small section.  I had a short chapter when he mentions the vintage SEGA game Golden Axe of which I grew up on by owning the Amiga 500 version, which was slightly easier and better graphically with better sound than the SEGA original.  The game is set in a fantasy sword & sorcery era allowing you to choose from three individual characters: A Barbarian, an Amazon or a Dwarf.  My favourite was always the Amazonian Tyris=Flare, so I wanted to have her in my part.


Above:  Still one of the best female characters in gaming.

(Click on the Image taken from the internet to view the video).

Another reason I picked Tyris to animate is that I happen to have a small miniature figurine of her which gave me the idea to blend the plastic model into the drawing.  This effect also reminds me of the classic AH-HA Take On Me music video.