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Cut-Out Animation influences

Whilst researching for my joint project on Day Of The Day, I thought about any form of cut-out animation I had seen before.  I looked at music videos and remembered these of which helped me experiment, and bring back some memories…


Charley Says‘ was a cut-out animated cartoon in the 70’s and 80’s by Richard Taylor Cartoons – which also did Crystal Tipps & Alistair.  This was quite a psychedelic looking cartoon that reminds me of  The Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine‘, but that was made by George Garnett Dunning. Things I can take from this for my work are the deliberately jumpy movement which gives it a rugged- retro feel. Back in their rave days, Electronic Punks – The Prodigy used samples of ‘Charley Says‘ in their track ‘Charly‘, (click on the picture of Tony & Charley above for the track).

Another later Prodigy track ‘Warriors Dance‘ used  a clever mix of puppetry and paper model animations as well, directed by Corin Hardy. I like the way the bands ‘ant logo’ is displayed on some of the characters and the attention to detail, the storyboard is quite dark in hindsight.  I would like to have a chance to animate a track to music, but fitting to the theme of the music must be difficult.  I love the music too.


Another amazing animator/illustrator who’s superb style influenced me is Katy Davis (AKA Gobblynne).  She has done wonderful animation for music videos such as: Bim / Second Person / Lucid Edge. I love the simplified characters overlaying the real photograph and other real objects- it hadn’t occurred to me to merge my own work and other produced materials before I saw this several years ago.
Teaser/viral for company: Whipcar Ltd / Learn Big Teach Big.



2 responses to “Cut-Out Animation influences

  1. A nice post – enjoyed link to Charly by the Prodigy and also the link to the Bim sobg/animation which was really beautiful. Interesting to see what you are looking at – thanks!

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