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London Visit to Science Museum

Earlier this week I got to visit the Science Museum in London to view the joint exhibition of Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr in the Science Museum.

I found Tony Ray-Jones use of capturing ‘in the moment’ scenes of British life memorable as these black and white images were taken before I was even born, but in familiar areas.

He had a lot of beauty pageant photos ( see below) which I found interesting as I hadpreviously though them to be wholly American, not especially an English stereotype. I sketched some of these over my visit.

Sketches of Tony Ray- JonesTony Ray-Jones Beauty Pageant

Beauty contestants, Southport, Merseyside, 1967 by Tony Ray-Jones
Credits : © National Media Museum
Martin Parr section had strong visual images, also in black and white, but often  more comical.
Tom Greenwood cleaning 1976 by Martin Parr
Credits : © Martin Parr/ Magnum

One response to “London Visit to Science Museum

  1. I’d have loved to come along and see these photographic works in the Science Museum instead of being stuck in the studio. Great sketches – you have a good eye.

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