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Moving Image and Photography: Breaking Time

This past week was the final week in Moving image and Photography where I was in a group of five to make a very short animation in a few days.

The subject we had to base our animation on was the words ‘break’ or ‘brake’ – I did a big mind map of BREAK as there were seemingly far more ideas for this definition….

  • Emotional Break – up ( Heart break)
  • Break dancing
  • Breaking Bones
  • Breaking Glass
  • Breakfast
  • And my personal favourite ….BREAKING Wind.

The rest of the group wasn’t too certain of my favourite theme for a comical animation based on the last idea. ( I wonder why?)

So, instead we developed our ideas on Time being broken. Ours was a surreal animation which when you see it, I feel  has a resemblance to some of the works Pink Floyd have done.

Storyboarding it begins with a clock face that jams and freezes. This then explodes to reveal a basic silhouette of a human head. Cogs and gears resemble the brain. As the mind works we have different emotions shown: sadness, rebirth and finally death. After this the clock face reassembles over the head completing the cycle.

The materials used in this included: an actual clock, which I disassembled to scavenge the hands,  variety of foam board, plasticine and black. These were chosen for more depth and texture and a slight 3D look.

Animation   Above and Below: The Silhouette of the head and the brain. Unfortunately the brain didn’t make it into the final cut.

  IMG_1702 This was a really cheap clock, bough in a shop, taken apart to use the hands. I chose this one as it had eccentric cogs!

As a team we all took turns to animate . A camera and light rigging was suspended above the scene. We worked on the Mac, using Dragon Frame to capture each shot. We then edited it using Final Cut Pro.  I thoroughly enjoyed working in this team as we all participated well and shared ideas. My section of animation was the raindrops emerging from the clouds and rolling down the head. I really got into this by making the rain splatter and trickle the nose.

IMG_1705 My hands animating the raindrops. Point, click, shoot, move, repeat. (x at least 24)

IMG_1706 JP using dragon frame to animate the sequences.


HS doing the editing using Final Cut Pro.


Overall, this was a great teamwork experience. We all worked well: quickly, enthusiastically and professionally. Below is the final piece.

Breaking Time

Sexy Snail

This was an animation I completed in ’98 at Richmond-Upon-Thames College based on the theme of  fashion.

Sexy Snail


2 responses to “Moving Image and Photography: Breaking Time

  1. Steve, I enjoyed both your animations very much. The “sexy snail” was great fun with good moves and witty characterisation and really well drawn. I look forward to seeing the further work you do in the Moving Image and Photography pathway – it is certain to be worth checking out.

    • stephenwelch ⋅

      Yea, Thanks for that Nigel, even though Sexy Snail is quite retro as it was done in ’98, I would love to do more in that style on this course.

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