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Fashion and Textiles

For fashion and textiles the aim of the week was to make a body adornment for a design within your own story.

The idea was imagine that there was a sudden environmental  disaster effecting the world, the land and the people inhabiting it. The story could be far fetched , but had to be based on a current known possible disaster. This is a Sci-Fi based project and having grown up with science fiction, fantasy and gaming I had a brain blender of ideas for inspiration including:  Insecticons from the Transformers, Sectaurs Toys from the 80s,  Despicable Me’s Cookie Bots, Men in Black, Blade Runner, Witchblade and Krull.

So in my future world it was not a pretty place. Planet Earth had been hit by a meteor shower, which triggered off a chain of volcanic eruptions. The plates have moved and the ground had given way – a Cataclysm in fact. Ash had filled the air and the world had become a dark, humid planet.

Humans still survived and since 100,000 years had passed our technology had advanced to a great potential. Bio:Cyber-Tech gadgets were in use before the shocking events happened and now aided mankind.

We weren’t the only organisms to survive, insects withstood the devastation. With their hard outer carapaces and underground living conditions they evolved into hulking behemoths greater in size and strength than their new prey, Homo Sapiens.

To aid the people against the Néos Insect Species our technology allowed us to have the use of remotely linked  spider bots. These were capable of not only fighting and protecting their organic counterparts, but they were ideal for searching, salvaging and securing materials.

My costume:

The main part I focussed on were the gloves. These were combat weapons  and where the robots stored themselves. I also created a robot mechanical spider and a bug- eyed nocturnal visor.

My design was influenced by Jenny Tillotson, Scent Whisper

Materials used to make my body adornments were a long pair of black Jessica Rabbit gloves, a discarded laptop keyboard and circuit boards, sections of a Transformer toy, cable ties, aluminium sheeting, goggles and a pair of used insoles…



Here I was starting, I had though to use the mini CD’s.


Showing my goggles and spider launcher bracelet at early stages.


Attaching the bracer to the glove.



Attaching legs made from cable ties, then stabilised with metal legs cut from sheeting.


Stupid laptop… Been wanting to do this for ages…


In Foreground: Left arm glove -Long row of keys  were eventually removed but  I kept four letters on knuckles ‘O.U.C.H.’



The Right Arm glove. Main control of Bio Spider with arrow keys and S.P.I.D.E.R keys ( Search, Pounce, Identify, Destroy, Energy Drain, Retreat)


How to aim. ( Final design would have a shorter launch spindle)


The final shoot

1374278_3520326903392_2086177895_n Fashion Fashion Fashion

Thanks J.P for modelling.


5 responses to “Fashion and Textiles

  1. This is just a great concept. The whole idea of having your own attack/defence spider robot is very cool and you have realised it very well. The keyboard elements are an inspired addition.

  2. This is an excellent idea which would not look out of place in a Dr Who adventure. Those nasty bots would scare the merde out of me. I love the O.U.C.H. keys which, perhaps, you could amend when applicable by adding a T for Thumb and making T.O.U.C.H.

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