Moving Image and Photography: Breaking Time

This past week was the final week in Moving image and Photography where I was in a group of five to make a very short animation in a few days.

The subject we had to base our animation on was the words ‘break’ or ‘brake’ – I did a big mind map of BREAK as there were seemingly far more ideas for this definition….

  • Emotional Break – up ( Heart break)
  • Break dancing
  • Breaking Bones
  • Breaking Glass
  • Breakfast
  • And my personal favourite ….BREAKING Wind.

The rest of the group wasn’t too certain of my favourite theme for a comical animation based on the last idea. ( I wonder why?)

So, instead we developed our ideas on Time being broken. Ours was a surreal animation which when you see it, I feel  has a resemblance to some of the works Pink Floyd have done.

Storyboarding it begins with a clock face that jams and freezes. This then explodes to reveal a basic silhouette of a human head. Cogs and gears resemble the brain. As the mind works we have different emotions shown: sadness, rebirth and finally death. After this the clock face reassembles over the head completing the cycle.

The materials used in this included: an actual clock, which I disassembled to scavenge the hands,  variety of foam board, plasticine and black. These were chosen for more depth and texture and a slight 3D look.

Animation   Above and Below: The Silhouette of the head and the brain. Unfortunately the brain didn’t make it into the final cut.

  IMG_1702 This was a really cheap clock, bough in a shop, taken apart to use the hands. I chose this one as it had eccentric cogs!

As a team we all took turns to animate . A camera and light rigging was suspended above the scene. We worked on the Mac, using Dragon Frame to capture each shot. We then edited it using Final Cut Pro.  I thoroughly enjoyed working in this team as we all participated well and shared ideas. My section of animation was the raindrops emerging from the clouds and rolling down the head. I really got into this by making the rain splatter and trickle the nose.

IMG_1705 My hands animating the raindrops. Point, click, shoot, move, repeat. (x at least 24)

IMG_1706 JP using dragon frame to animate the sequences.


HS doing the editing using Final Cut Pro.


Overall, this was a great teamwork experience. We all worked well: quickly, enthusiastically and professionally. Below is the final piece.

Breaking Time

Sexy Snail

This was an animation I completed in ’98 at Richmond-Upon-Thames College based on the theme of  fashion.

Sexy Snail


Fashion and Textiles

For fashion and textiles the aim of the week was to make a body adornment for a design within your own story.

The idea was imagine that there was a sudden environmental  disaster effecting the world, the land and the people inhabiting it. The story could be far fetched , but had to be based on a current known possible disaster. This is a Sci-Fi based project and having grown up with science fiction, fantasy and gaming I had a brain blender of ideas for inspiration including:  Insecticons from the Transformers, Sectaurs Toys from the 80s,  Despicable Me’s Cookie Bots, Men in Black, Blade Runner, Witchblade and Krull.

So in my future world it was not a pretty place. Planet Earth had been hit by a meteor shower, which triggered off a chain of volcanic eruptions. The plates have moved and the ground had given way – a Cataclysm in fact. Ash had filled the air and the world had become a dark, humid planet.

Humans still survived and since 100,000 years had passed our technology had advanced to a great potential. Bio:Cyber-Tech gadgets were in use before the shocking events happened and now aided mankind.

We weren’t the only organisms to survive, insects withstood the devastation. With their hard outer carapaces and underground living conditions they evolved into hulking behemoths greater in size and strength than their new prey, Homo Sapiens.

To aid the people against the Néos Insect Species our technology allowed us to have the use of remotely linked  spider bots. These were capable of not only fighting and protecting their organic counterparts, but they were ideal for searching, salvaging and securing materials.

My costume:

The main part I focussed on were the gloves. These were combat weapons  and where the robots stored themselves. I also created a robot mechanical spider and a bug- eyed nocturnal visor.

My design was influenced by Jenny Tillotson, Scent Whisper

Materials used to make my body adornments were a long pair of black Jessica Rabbit gloves, a discarded laptop keyboard and circuit boards, sections of a Transformer toy, cable ties, aluminium sheeting, goggles and a pair of used insoles…



Here I was starting, I had though to use the mini CD’s.


Showing my goggles and spider launcher bracelet at early stages.


Attaching the bracer to the glove.



Attaching legs made from cable ties, then stabilised with metal legs cut from sheeting.


Stupid laptop… Been wanting to do this for ages…


In Foreground: Left arm glove -Long row of keys  were eventually removed but  I kept four letters on knuckles ‘O.U.C.H.’



The Right Arm glove. Main control of Bio Spider with arrow keys and S.P.I.D.E.R keys ( Search, Pounce, Identify, Destroy, Energy Drain, Retreat)


How to aim. ( Final design would have a shorter launch spindle)


The final shoot

1374278_3520326903392_2086177895_n Fashion Fashion Fashion

Thanks J.P for modelling.

Fine Arts: Anti-Trolling Traces

For Fine Arts, our broad brief was around a theme of ‘Traces’, although this was just a helpful starting point as the final design did not have to be linked to this.


We had to search the room for ‘traces’ of previous fine arts students remains… ( not dead bodies but the things they’d left behind.) I found a half used  tube of bright red fake blood and a kitchen fork. From these I created a very sticky Rorschach image. We could do what we wanted- mistakes were not an issue.

After this and learning to become even more experimental, I wanted my next work to link to animals. My initial thoughts were of dinosaurs- my first intention was to merge dinosaurs/ extinct species and modern animals together in a weird taxidermy picture eg a Velociraptor with bat wings or a Dodo with a lobster.

But, I wanted to do something based on an old Goat skull I’ve had for years…. I find it a fascinating object- it’s appearance, the past that could be behind it.  Saying that, how could I link it to traces?


My next path was to do a brainstorm of everything I could think of relating to goats/traces.

Should I make a huge bust? Make it into a helmet? As it was spanish breed should it be painted in red, yellow and black? Play with colours- paint it vibrant shades of pink, purple, blue?

At lunch – Eureka– The children’s fairy tale ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ was always a favourite as a child. Finally, the troll in the story was defeated by the final goat by butting it off the bridge!

I had the idea of goat vs troll- whichbecame trolling, then internet trolling. “Being a pest on the internet just as you can.

WOW ≈    A Troll from Blizzards World of Warcraft Series.

I only had one attempt at this as I only had one resource- goat skulls aren’t easy to come by. So, a simple but effective idea was always my plan.


Painting the skull white, leaving the horns natural colour was a way to make the images stand out more. Also generally backdrops for computer screen  are pale.


Finally I researched logos of sites ( old and new) where trolling predominantly happens. Not wanting to over clutter the skull, I selected the most recognisable designs: from chat sites, social networks and  the internet.



Fine art

The Final Display



Vis Comm: Lion Hunting

This is my Visual Communications work.

Our first stage was to choose from a recent newspaper and pick an interesting article. I chose a story from a newspaper, which was on Lion poaching.  I thought this was an interesting and powerful piece. Within this I selected certain words and sentences and used these in a text style.

Vis Comm

Next I bought a fashion magazine that had model Cara Delevingne, because to me, she is the lioness of the catwalk.  I combined these particular sentences or words with images and played around with different font styles.

first attempt draftI then chopped photocopied black and white and colour pages to make a booklet.

Lion Shoot  I gave the final folded booklet a mainly black, white and red them inspired by Frank Miller SinCity Style.


The final unfolded layout.

lion shoot

Cara with a lions snarl starts off the project.

lion shoot

End (this)... Back page of my booklet summarises my feelings on this horrendous subject!


Urban Bee Hive- For modern city Living Gardens

Built in response to the 3D design project titled ‘Crisis’, for my foundation Art course. I had to research crisis and how to possibly prevent one. Tougher than it sounds. After a few mis-steps I came up with the idea of creating a small hive to encourage city dwellers to help the bee population thrive.
I made it in 5 hours from materials scavenged from the workshop. MDF, balser, perspex and chicken wire were deliberately chosen so I could then personalise the outside design.

With more time I would have made propped legs for it to have stood on ( rather than bricks) and added an alternative roof changeable wooden roof , for sunny days.

I’m pleased with the outcome and idea, I would like to experiment in the future with different colours of perspex for variation.

The Bee hive in the Workshop
Beehive in the workshop

My Bee hive with Friends

The final design

The final design